Welcome in Sulmona, the city of love

Sleeping in Sulmona in historic center


palazzo-mazara-sulmona In the center of Sulmona, near to the main square,you can will find the apartments of D&G Suites. A completely renovated hotel with all the comforts. Sleeping in the center of Sulmona and near the big Garibaldi Square (Piazza Maggiore) becomes very easy to explore on foot the center of city. Sulmona has ancient origins, Rome's oldest.

Sulmona, a town full of surprises

Cheap Vacation in Sulmona


Placed at the center of Sulmona, the holiday apartments for D&G Suites offer comfort and affordability having all the freedom of a holiday home while saving considerably on all your living expenses.

To visit the center of Sulmona you do not need the car. Having the holiday apartments in the center you can easily visit Sulmona by walk, enjoying plazas and squares of Medieval and Renaissance origin. So you better appreciate the sounds and breath of the city which has a unique charm.

Piazza Maggiore, Piazza XX Settembre, Corso Ovidio and all its alleys whose streets convey the historical center, give that aspect of Sulmona typical fortified town with its walls outside the old town center and its large access doors that once guaranteed the security and inviolability of the city.